Extra Virgin Oil: Carolea


The oil, coming from the quality of olive called “Carolea”,  is green or yellow in colour, has noticeable greenish reflections and a scent of cut grass. At the same time it has a spicy and bitter taste. Usually intense and full of aromas is perfect  for vegetables dishes, meat and fish, both grilled and in the oven.

“Carolea” is an olive cultivar well present in Calabria, a key-product of Mediterranean tradition of Calabrian Oil. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  along with the monocultivar Nocellara, is a production of rare excellence, which speaks of Calabrian territory and its Mediterranean (Greek) origins.

The cultivar is vigorous and highly productive, with an upward growth form, a great resistance to cold temperatures and a foliage as a reversed pyramid. The olives are used both for oil and as table olive. Oil yield is high and reaches a peak in November.

The territory of Carolea is mainly the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro.



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