The search for beauty: Calabria




Now will I recall God’s works; what I have seen, I will describe.

National Park of Sila

At God’s word were his works brought into being;

Scilla, the sea (Reggio Calabria)

they do his will as he has ordained for them.



As the rising sun is clear to all, so the glory of the LORD fills all his works;

“Arco Magno”


Yet even God’s holy ones must fail in recounting the wonders of the LORD, Though God has given these, his hosts, the strength to stand firm before his glory.

San Francesco di Paola


He plumbs the depths and penetrates the heart;

Scilla, the doors on the sea

their innermost being he understands.

Seaside at Reggio Calabria

The Most High possesses all knowledge, and sees from of old the things that are to come:

Chianalea (Scilla, Reggio Calabria)


He makes known the past and the future, and reveals the deepest secrets.



No understanding does he lack; no single thing escapes him.

Cattolica di Stilo


Perennial is his almighty wisdom; he is from all eternity one and the same,

God is Love(John)


With nothing added, nothing taken away; no need of a counselor for him!



How beautiful are all his works! even to the spark and the fleeting vision!

Giant Pines of Fallistro (Sila)


The universe lives and abides forever; to meet each need, each creature is preserved.

Morano Calabro


All of them differ, one from another, yet none of them has he made in vain,

Love, love is the answer…

For each in turn, as it comes, is good;

San Nicola Arcella

can one ever see enough of their splendor?


Juice of Bergamot: Superfood drink



Thanks to about 350 polyphenols, Bergamot of Calabria has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and vasoprotective properties. In addition, the juice can reduce blood glucose and activate some organic antioxidants, while the flavonoids present in bergamot juice are very good relaxants as well, they soothe the nerves and reduce nervous stress, insomnia, and depression.

The essential bergamot oil inside the juice stimulates appetite, liver and pancreatic functions. The juice is useful in cholecystitis, in tachycardia and arterial hypertension; it is locally useful in stomatitis, gingivitis and pharyngitis; it is an intestinal, disinfectant and astringent pesticide. Finally, it is balsamic in the respiratory tract.

For the vitamin C, Bl and B2, P and vitamin A and E content in juice and flavedo, bergamot can be considered a fruit with good vitamin content, and its juice a “superfood drink”; therefore, it is useful in bone disorders due to altered calcium absorption, teething disorders, collagen pathologies, muscular weakness or even neuromuscular hyper-excitability, cardiac heretism, iron deficiency anaemia, hepatic congestion and various diseases with impaired vessel permeability.

On a nutritional level, bergamot juice, with the weak acids contained in it (acetic, malic, citric, tartaric acids…), gives rise to the production of carbonates and carbonate alkaline (potassium and calcium above all), which, in addition to promoting intestinal calcium absorption, contributes to maintaining the alkaline reserve.


Bergamot is available from October to March, so its juice can be drunk natural, diluted with a little water, or sweetened with an Earl Grey Tea. Further, it can be mixed with orange juice. Bergamot juice is a perfect Mediterranean drink, when added to prosecco or to sparkling water.

This mixing of the juice can be used to reduce headaches and muscle tension or as digestive drink. Further, if the juice is added to flavour yoghurt, a perfect mix can be obtained or, freezing it, a refreshing sorbet.