Calabrian Spicy Bacon: technical info



This special Salami is frequently used in many recipes of Calabrian gastronomy, even if rarely mentioned outside the region. It is a typical salami of the mountains of Sila. Triangular shape. Weight Kg. 1.5 approximately. Red.

– Pig
– Salt
– Hot pepper
– Dextrose
– Black pepper
– Garlic
– Natural flavors
– Antioxidant (E301)
– Preservatives (E250, E252)


Salting. Bagging. Seasoning.


  • Under Empty: 120 dd
  • Recommended storage conditions,  Temperature: +3/+6°C
  • Transport temperature +5/+7°C
  • Shelf life 120 dd


  • Proteins: 26.72%
  • Carbohydrates: under 0.3%, of which Sugars 0.01%.
  • Fat: 37.29%, of which Saturated 19.5%
  • Salt 3.71%
  • Energy value: 444 Kcal or 1839 Kjoule.

ALLERGEN LIST (usually absent):

-Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, oats barley, spelled, kamut or their hybridized strains)
-Crustaceans or crustaceans
-Eggs and egg products
-Fish and fish products
-Peanuts and peanut products
-Soya and soy products
-Milk and milk products
-Molluscs and mollusc products
-Lupine and lupine based products

Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper


Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper is  deeply embedded in Calabrian culture, especially in the best of the Calabrian rural food tradition. While exportation is not very developed, anyway  in the market of Made in Italy Calabrian pepper offers a wide presence of product lines, that honors to “his majesty Hot Pepper”, the main ingredient in many Calabrian recipes.

For example, the best vegetables are preserved in oil full of pepper, according to the ancient recipes of southern Italy, enriched with natural flavors and aromas.
Pepper is used for appetizers and side-dishes to taste unique and genuine recipes. Or it is employed in a wide range of Calabrian specialties as fish-products.

Pepper can be enjoyed ideally with aged cheeses, boiled and roasted meat, and grilled vegetables. Then it recalls the flavors and aromas of an ancient land, Calabria, especially if mixed to other spices and dried herbs, sealed by hand
to ensure all the taste and the warmth of Calabria.

Often Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper is the main ingredient, with unusual combinations and elaborate preparations, of condiments and sauces in a gradation of flavors from mild to spicy.