Special Calabrian Salami: “Soppressata di Decollatura”



If you want to taste a natural and authentic Mediterranea food, then “soppressata di Decollatura” is your choice.

It is a typical salami of the Calabrian plateau, called “Pre-Sila”, and is produced in the municipality of Decollatura (inside the territory of Catanzaro). This soppressata owes its prestige, above all, to the quality of native pigs, reared in the house with leftovers from the kitchen, acorns and bran. Further, the meat processing and maturing process accurately reflects the centuries-old traditions of Decollatura. So that you can justly say that Calabrian culture and cuisine mix together inside this special salami.

The meats, that are used for the preparation of “soppressata”, are the lean ones of the thighs and the fillets, mixed with the fat of the neck. The mixture of meat is then salted and mixed with sauce and peppers sauces. Then, the meat, so prepared, is  stuffed into the intestines. Finally, a typical characteristic of “soppressata” is the drop that comes out from the first cut, which indicates the perfect seasoning and quality.

This salami must be eaten raw and used as an appetizer. It must be cut into thin slices and accompanied by a local red wine, for example Donnici DOC, Melissa or Lamezia.



At the end of June 2013 the first feast of the Decollatura’s Soppressata was held (of course…in the town of Decollatura).

Further, a local community of producers founded in Decollatura the so called “Accademia della Soppressata”. This institution, coming from an original idea of  mr. Ennio Bonacci, has the purpose to spread and keep alive the tradition of this Salami of Decollatura.

It is needless to remember that at Decollatura “soppressata” is produced by almost all families for self-consumption and by many farmers for direct sales. Therefore, the municipality of Decollatura, the Mountain Community and the Slow Food association have decided to set up a producers association of the… “Soppressata di Decollatura”.


Spicy Crushed Sausage: technical info



Group of crushed sausages, rounded at the ends of about 1.9 kg. Red color.

-Spicy pepper
-Spices, natural aromas
-E 301 antioxidant
-E 250, Conservative
-E 252 Conservative


Grinding meat. Dough with ingredients. Bagging. Seasoning.


  • Under Empty: 120 dd
  • Recommended storage conditions,  Temperature: +3/+6°C
  • Transport temperature +5/+7°C
  • Shelf life 120 dd


  • Proteins: 28.74%
  • Carbohydrates: 1.20%, of which Sugars 0.35%.
  • Fat: 29.08%, of which Saturated 10.40%
  • Salt 3.22%
  • Energy value: 382 Kcal or 1585 Kjoule.

ALLERGEN LIST (usually absent):

-Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, oats barley, spelled, kamut or their hybridized strains)
-Crustaceans or crustaceans
-Eggs and egg products
-Fish and fish products
-Peanuts and peanut products
-Soya and soy products
-Milk and milk products
-Molluscs and mollusc products
-Lupine and lupine based products