Economic opportunities for Calabrian F&B


There is little industrialization in Calabria, but a great potential for Swedish, Danish and Nowegian and, generally, North Europe buyers to purchase delicious Mediterranean food in Calabria.

The sector of food & beverage purchases from the North Europe is minimal, while it could find here the best prices, quality and quantity.

The crops grown in the region are typical of Mediterranean extensive-farming communities. The principal crop is wheat, olives and grapes are also important, and citrus and cotton are grown as well.

North Europe has a continue need of such traditional Calabrian farming products, which has here the ideal conditions of production, which at the contrary are completely missing in Sweden, Norway, Netherland, etc.

The economic structure of agriculture in Calabria is still, in many places, done on the basis of leasehold access to a portion of an absent landlord’s property. Leases are commonly issued on a multiyear basis, and the tenant is responsible for managing the operation, hiring the necessary labor, and providing his own seed and tools. This makes the prices and the costs of workmanship very low, offering to the rest of Europe and huge potential of deals and of surprising opportunities.