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Our OUR SERVICE in relation to Calabrian bergamot, extra virgin olive oil, wine, Tropea onion, honey, dairy products and salami originate from a solid experience in the agricultural products market, in the buying, selling, import- export, logistics, sea-to-sea and land transport, insurance and customs issues and in consultancy services for cargo-related insurance.

Thanks to long-standing relationships with buyers and sellers in the international market, we have a good understanding of the supply process and good partnerships with manufacturers, packaging entrepreneurs and full integrated logistics management.

The services for our products (bergamot, extra virgin olive oil, wine, Tropea onion, honey, dairy products and salami) are:

- Supply partnership with producers and wholesellers of Food & Beverage

- Representation of quality products and certified suppliers

- Reliable Transport System and Logistics Management

- Competitive prices

- Technical Support and Quality Certification

- Solution of customs and insurance issues




LOGISTICS: SMAF Associates LTD uses or searches conveyors to achieve the best shipping. In particular, SMAF Associates LTD organizes food transportation by air, sea, road and combined transport.

CUSTOMS: Practical customs clearance by means of competent shippers both via sea and land. SMAF Ltd is able to quickly customs clear your goods to and from abroad thanks to our customs service that takes care of all customs procedures:

  • Definitive export;
  • Definitive import;
  • Entry into free circulation;
  • Temporary exportation;
  • Temporary importation;
  • Introduction customs warehouse;
  • Introduction VAT deposit;
  • Assistance for the issue of an approved exporter certification.

Through the domiciled procedure and the AEO certification issued by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, customs clearance takes place in a rapid and direct manner. Our partners manage, on request, a private customs warehouse and an IVA deposit and are ready to provide you with an attentive advice on your customs practices thanks to the competence and the multi-year experience of our customs department which will give you the best way to customs operations of your business.

INSURANCE: Insurance coverage through insurance agencies established in the industry, in the following fields:

- Civil Liability or

- contractual obligations incumbent upon the forwarder, Carrier, Logistic Operator, Depositary.

Rates and conditions are the best in the international market and are a real competitive advantage. Our work allows you to outsource the burden of:

- identify insurable risks and describe the insurance interest

- treat the insurance conditions and support the customer in evaluating the most appropriate proposal

- fulfil contractual obligations

- act to get the liquidation of the claim.

We offer concrete help in correctly assessing and covering the liability risks assumed by law or by contract in respect of:

- errors / omissions committed during execution of the mandate

- loss or damage suffered by the goods taken for shipment / transport / storage

- insurance for account.

EXPERTISE: In order to carry out transport we may need insurance inquiries, our company uses authorized experts who also solves this specific problem.




Bergamot is a ripe fruit, yellow-lemon-colored, medium sized and tiny, and oblate, rounded or piriformis. The fragrant, delicate, persistent hues are appreciated by international perfumery.



Among the sausages, stand out the Calabrian "soppressata", seasoned salami (capocollo and hard sausage), the famous "Nduja" (sophisticated spicy and spreadable salami) and regional bacon.


Extra virgin Olive Oil

The oils we guarantee are extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.8%, virgin olive oil with an acidity up to 2% and virgin olives with an acidity not exceeding 1%.



Classic Dairy Products and sweet or seasoned Calabrian cheese, and the Pecorino cheese, made of pure sheep milk, plus other cheeses with different monthly seasoning and spicy flavour.

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