Francis Misuraca is a Gourmand and a Gourmet that knows deeply the cuisine and local varieties of agro-industrial and handicraft produced foods of the Calabrian territory. They present no secrets to this Calabrian born taste professional and gastronomy connoisseur, who is also a profound agro-industrial expert in home, international logistics and export.

Gourmet and gourmand to Francis’ love for Mediterranean and Calabrian cuisine, are French words with a subtle semantic difference with no real correspondence in English and Italian.

They can both be translated with the Italian "buongustaio" or the English "glutton" but they do not convey the elegance enclosed in these terms.

Francis is a bright, involved and experienced connoisseur gourmet, an expert of good food and wine. He loves to learn and deepen whatever concerns the worlds of wine and gastronomy: he looks for best brands, companies, fruits of the land and gastronomy; he experiences new flavours and does not just test and enjoy single products. Above all, he wants to know their secrets, ingredients and preparation techniques.

For the benefit of Smaf Ltd's business partners, Francis is a gourmet, in the sense of conscious and knowledgeable consumer; today, with digital evolution, he is called a "conscious foodie".

On the other hand, Francis is also a "gourmand", a great commensal that does not only content himself with eating well, but pretends the best. Above all, the food and products of the Calabrian cuisine are a joy of "knowledge and taste" for him and being nourished and making Calabrian food and produce known is not a necessity, but a fundamental moment of conviviality with which to mark the days.

As a Gourmand, Francis is both a business partner, attentive to his clients and a consultant and detailed informer into the secrets of Mediterranean gastronomy.

If he is likely to be somewhat feared by the food and wine makers for his meticulousness, however, in his relationship with the conviviality of food he is the ideal host. Enthusiastic and passionate, he does not feel the need to teach lessons on the latest trends in Mediterranean cuisine; he most likely advises discreetly and generously both the customer and the producer on the goodness of their choices in terms of gastronomic quality.




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Saverio Monterosso is born in Calabria, the land of strong flavours par excellence; as an adolescent he shows his curiosity in drinks and foods, working in a restaurant as a waiter, he habitually snoops around the kitchen, to increase his knowledge of culinary art and learn the selection of products. His dynamic spirit leads him soon to change role and become almost a connoisseur after having gained experience in many renowned restaurants in Calabria; this made him aware both of the value of high international and "poor" traditional Calabrian and regional cuisine. Saverio has also an intense love for agriculture; over the years, his gardening hobby consents him to know secrets and tricks to obtain and recognize high quality vegetables.

His eclectic and compositional ability to blend different territory flavours and products in the offer of the agro-food brokerage company SMAF Ltd, of which he is a member, witness a sought-after relationship of genuine and valuable products, peculiar combinations, basic (bergamot, olive oil and Tropea onions) and composite merchandise (sausages, wine and dairy products).

The new way of intermediating merchandises is a sort of Italian "nouvelle cuisine", with which Saverio offers revisiting sometimes almost forgotten ancient products (bergamot, olive oil and Tropean onion), and for the wider Italian and international public, the rediscovery of flavours soothed in the memory of traditional products (sausages, wine and dairy products), summoned up in a "modern" key for more and more attentive and prepared customers to biological food, that choose to run through itineraries exploring art and culture and do not disdain the good table and traditions, as a cultural aspect.

Although in Calabria the gastronomic culture refers to a traditionally poor, peasant cooking, in the blog of the company site of SMAF Ltd, Saverio poses a special attention again to the historical roots of each product, that belong to a millennial, very rich with cultural and culinary contaminations, Calabrian tradition.

Moreover, Saverio is a Gourmand and a Gourmet, that knows deeply the gastronomy and local variety of agro-industrial foods and handicraft products of the Calabrian territory, at the same time he is a profound expert in Italian, international, export and agro-industry logistics.

Saverio, as a gourmet, is a refined, involved and experienced professional in good food and wine. On the other hand, as a "gourmand", he is a great commensal and the food and products of the Calabrian cuisine are above all a joy of the senses and of the eno-gastronomic culture, to him.




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Bergamot is a ripe fruit, yellow-lemon-colored, medium sized and tiny, and oblate, rounded or piriformis. The fragrant, delicate, persistent hues are appreciated by international perfumery.



Among the sausages, stand out the Calabrian "soppressata", seasoned salami (capocollo and hard sausage), the famous "Nduja" (sophisticated spicy and spreadable salami) and regional bacon.


Extra virgin Olive Oil

The oils we guarantee are extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.8%, virgin olive oil with an acidity up to 2% and virgin olives with an acidity not exceeding 1%.



Classic Dairy Products and sweet or seasoned Calabrian cheese, and the Pecorino cheese, made of pure sheep milk, plus other cheeses with different monthly seasoning and spicy flavour.

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