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SMAF Associates LTD operates in the agricultural products sector as a MEDIATOR - national and international "BROKER". It has started from a long experience in the agricultural products market, in the activities of buying, selling, import-export, logistics, sea and land transport, insurance and customs issues. It mainly deals with CALABRIAN BERGAMOT and OLIVE OIL, as well as with DAIRY products and original Calabrian SAUSAGES. It also trades the Calabrian Bergamot derivatives: essence, peel, puree and juice.

Our BROKERAGE deals with IMPORT-EXPORT to USA, Canada, Europe and Eastern countries, from Calabria, Italy, for quality fruit and vegetables of the best brands. We place the right importance on local quality fruit and vegetables by transporting them directly from the manufacturer. We are very serious about our business partners and we have internationally prestigious customers. Among other brokerage firms: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Philippines, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, USA and Vietnam.

Our company is a leader in the DISTRIBUTION of fruit and vegetables.

The presence of liaison offices in Calabria provides a strategic position for the supply and distribution of goods. We are the privileged interlocutor for the world of Commercial and Collective Catering, the HORECA sector and all the business forms that need a high level of service as well as a constant and customized quality standard.

Our company has a wide range of high quality fruit and vegetables, industrial food processing and high quality dairies, able to assure not only many brands, but also to cooperate with specialized companies in the packaging sector. The latter can be customized.


  • is a brokerage agency for the sale of fruit and vegetable products and logistics for independent food producers and wholesalers who from the heart of Calabria operate to the main European markets.
  • is composed of two autonomous but integrated departments. A department deals with sales brokering and a logistics department, enabling us to effectively follow the whole process from packaging to delivery of goods.
  • also offers the possibility to use only individual services according to both the customer's logistic or sales of the product requirements, always offering expertise and professionalism.




Are you looking for a fruit and vegetables wholesaler?

Contact us and we will open a direct and preferential track with the producers.

SMAF Ltd: competence and professionalism.

SMAF Ltd represents some of the most important fruit and vegetable production areas in Italy. In-depth knowledge of the market allows us to select the best national products.

SMAF Ltd follows the products directly from the manufacturer, managing the collection, transportation and accompanying them to its customers.

SMAF Ltd assures its partners the utmost seriousness.

SMAF Ltd collaborates with prestigious clients.




Bergamot is a ripe fruit, yellow-lemon-colored, medium sized and tiny, and oblate, rounded or piriformis. The fragrant, delicate, persistent hues are appreciated by international perfumery.



Among the sausages, stand out the Calabrian "soppressata", seasoned salami (capocollo and hard sausage), the famous "Nduja" (sophisticated spicy and spreadable salami) and regional bacon.


Extra virgin Olive Oil

The oils we guarantee are extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.8%, virgin olive oil with an acidity up to 2% and virgin olives with an acidity not exceeding 1%.



Classic Dairy Products and sweet or seasoned Calabrian cheese, and the Pecorino cheese, made of pure sheep milk, plus other cheeses with different monthly seasoning and spicy flavour.

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